• From left to right: SR Vice Cathy Lindsey, Secretary Iona Kline, Chief of Staff Jackie Key, Conductress Valorie Wrinkle, Chaplain Debbie Wright, President Paula Epseland, Guard Debby Fawver, JR Vice Janie Wills, and Treasurer Sonya Sallee

Attention Members Attending National Presidents Visit

Department President Paula Epseland is requesting that all members, (PLEASE) if you have a Blue Blouse and Black Pants.  Please wear them to the Remond Airport for the Aisle of Honor.


Congratulations Oregon State Auxiliary Members

We have made our First Membership Goal.

Keep Up the Good Work!

Our Next Goal is to Recruit 75 Members by  January 31, 2018.

We Can Do This!

**********Attention Auxiliary Members**********

If you plan to give a gift to the National President, during her visit.  We have some ideas that may help your Auxiliary.

We suggest that you give a gift card or cash in a nice card. This will make it much easier on her during her travels. She also likes pretty broaches and nice hair clips.

Paula A Espeland
Department President


Brothers and Sisters,
    Well done everyone we made our membership goals for the quarter. I can’t say thank you enough. We are just beginning so don’t STOP looking for new members. I hope to see many of you in San Diego for Western Conference.
    Please remember the deadline for Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen are fast approaching if you haven’t donated yet please think about it. We would love to give all the winners a prize.
     Don’t forget Veterans Day is coming soon I hope you all have something planned. Thanks for all you do every day for our veterans and family’s.


Paula A Espeland 
Department President 


Please read at your next meeting under communications.


By order of the National President, Dee Guillory, the charter of Blue Mountain Auxiliary # 4567  is cancelled and the Auxiliary is declared defunct in accordance with.

  1. Section 210 and 212 – failure to hold regular meetings.
  2. Section 814- the trustees will not be able to complete the quarterly audit.

By Order of

Paula Espeland

Department President

Attested by

Iona Kline

Department Secretary


The Oregon VFW Auxiliary was founded for the soul purpose of serving those who have protected our country and see that they are protected in return. How do we achieve this goal?

      1. By reaching out with help in communities across America.
      2. Offering innovative programs
      3. Standing up for veterans rights in Washington, D.C.

We can’t do this without your generosity. Please consider a tax deductible donation to your Oregon VFW Aux.