COVID-19 Update – You MUST Read These

Sisters and Brothers,


Take a deep breath and please take care of yourselves.  Your health and wellbeing are important to all of us.


Panic breeds panic.


Attached is the following memo from National. I will keep you updated through the website and email as things may change with the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).


I am not telling you to cancel your meetings, but you have my permission to do so if that is your auxiliary’s decision. If you do not have an April meeting and plan to conduct your meeting in a different way:


All Members of your auxiliary must be notified. The method you chose must be available to ALL members.


There are a lot of members who only have a phone. They do not have email, or the ability to text or use Zoom.


If you chose a different format for elections it must be documented with the following:

Please consult with all your officers in your auxiliary as how to proceed

  1. How many members participated and their Names.
  2. What motions were made and passed or declined?
  3. Your elections must include the following officers for MALTA:








NOTE: an audit is due as well

  1. I am asking for a copy of your minutes if you choose to conduct your meeting in a different way for April.
  2. You have elections in April, delegate forms to be voted on and sent by the secretary to district and credentials, and delegate fees to the department treasurer.  Before you start your meeting have your agenda made out, so you cover the necessary items for your auxiliary. Look in your packet from Mid-winter.
  3. Please pay attention to your emails and for information concerning upcoming District Meetings and any other changes put out by National.


Please stay safe. We will make it through this crisis. Check with members to make sure they are okay and have enough food and supplies. Those on limited budgets who might need help lets help our veterans and their families. That is what this organization is all about.



Janie Wills

Dept. President


Memo from National

Date: March 13, 2020

To: National Line Officers Past National Presidents
NDCMs Ambassadors
National Appointed Officers Department Presidents
Department Secretaries Department Treasurers
From: Ann Panteleakos, National Secretary-Treasurer

Subject: Auxiliary, District, and County Council Business during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The purpose of this MEMO is to provide local, County Council, District, and Department Presidents and Officers some ideas about making sure that the needed regular business meetings are convened so elections of Delegates/Alternates for each level of the organization and election/installation of Auxiliary, County Council, and District officers are completed with the effects of the COVID-19 in mind.

So, what happens when that “regular business meeting” for the election of officers, etc. cannot be held due to COVID-19?

1. Begin planning ahead now. Call your officers and ask for their input.
2. Remember to be flexible in your planning.
3. Get the word out of the planned changes to all members of your Auxiliary whether they attend or not.
a. With proper notice given to the members, meeting dates and time may be changed.
b. You may conduct a meeting via video or teleconference provided a quorum (5 members) are at the meeting site. (See Sections 210 and 212).
c. A regular business meeting may be postponed (with an alternative meeting date and time set), or it may be completely canceled.
4. We are hopeful that by the end of April through the first week in May, COVID-19 is much diminished, and we will be able to resume our normal Auxiliary business practices. Thus, our Department Conventions would proceed as in the past.
5. Should COVID-19 still be disruptive to our Auxiliary business practices, National Headquarters will issue directives as to how our Department Convention business will be conducted.
6. National Headquarters cannot make these decisions for you. as the virus’s effects differ from state to state. Therefore, it is up the leadership on various levels to plan how the “regular business meetings” for nomination, election, and installation will be held, whether as usual, postponed, held accordance to Section 210, the 6th major bullet, or cancelled.

Please continue to follow the advertised procedures for dealing with COVID-19, take care of your family and be vigilant for others whose health may already compromised.
P.S. VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters has canceled all air travel, and those assignments of National Representatives where air travel is required. National President Peggy’s Department visits scheduled for the remainder of March and early April have been canceled with the exception of the visits to Oregon and Washington which were rescheduled earlier. Should COVID-19 become less threatening, consideration will be given to rescheduling the National President’s visits if time allows.

AP: jc



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