District 13 changed To October 17th, 1 pm meeting NO lunch.


2020-09-16 Executive Order No. 1- Sandra Onstwedder


September 16, 2020



In light of the changing restrictions and guidelines of COVID-19 regarding the number of participants that may gather in a room, meeting hall, stadium, etc., for a meeting of any kind varies from Department to Department and even within a single Department, therefore, in the cases of Auxiliary, District, and Department meetings, audits, official visits, etc., Section 212—

Quorum becomes effective immediately: “Five (5) members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Auxiliary.”

In areas where members, due to age, health, etc., are reluctant/refuse to participate in in-person meetings to establish a quorum for the transaction of business, the Auxiliary President may appeal in writing to the Department President for written permission (to be attached to the meeting’s minutes) that the members needed to establish a quorum may attend virtually.  Should audits or official visits be completed virtually, the audit/books may be signed at a later date with a copy of the written permission from the Department President attached.



By order of Sandra Onstwedder, National President

                       Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Auxiliary



Attest:          Ann Panteleakos, National Secretary-Treasurer

                     Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Auxiliary


EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 1, issued by National President Sandra Onstwedder, and effective

September 16, 2020, supersedes Executive Order No. 2 issued March 26, 2020 by then-National

President Peggy Haake.



President’s Message September 2020

Greetings Sisters & Brothers,


Thank you to those Auxiliaries that have paid your obligations, bonds, dues and have filed installation reports.  Keep up the good work.


Remember our mission is not self-serving it is to support our Veterans, Active Duty Military, their Families, and our Communities.


Please remember to follow the chain of command when filing complaints about your Post, Auxiliary, or an individual in either. 


At this time, I feel it necessary to remind all of our Bylaws concerning Politics. I refer you to Page 94 (Bylaws):


Podium Edition Bylaws and Ritual 2020

Article IX Miscellaneous Provisions:

Section 912-Politics                                       


I have found that many do not understand the procedure for the resignation of an Officer.  I refer you to pages 69 & 70 (Bylaws):


Podium Edition Bylaws and Ritual 2020

Article VIII Officers:

Sections 809-Resignations

Section-809A-All Levels (Presidents & Vice Presidents)


If you need further information or have questions on this, please call me

541-556-4935.  Always happy to help.


Never forget our Mission, we are volunteers for those that have sacrificed everything for our freedom.   We are humbled by their love and devotion to our Country. 

Keep up the good work.  We Can Make Life Better For Our Veterans!


“Our Hero’s Wore Dog Tags and Combat Boots”


Debbie Wright
Dept. of Oregon



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