Mid-Winter has been cancelled. 

Auxiliary and District Presidents, check your emails for further information.  We will be having a virtual Council of Administration. 



President’s Message January 2021


Greetings All,

Hope all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Many of you are anxious and confused with all that is happening in the world presently.  Please remember to check on your Sisters, Brothers and Comrades.  A phone call can brighten someone’s day.  A kind word and a sincere smile can give hope.  Right now, this is about all that we can do.  Just remember our shoes may be fitting a little tight, but somebody else’s shoes do not fit at all. 

Please continue to work our Programs, take care of Veterans, Active Duty, and their families.  We  certainly know how hard this is at this time.  It has not been the easiest year.

Our states Covid restrictions, are such that we are not allowed to meet.   So, if you are Zoom or GoToMeeting savvy, please try to have your meetings in this matter.

We have not yet received an answer on Mid-Winter.  We will not have an answer until January 4th, 2021, so please hang in there.  We are working on a plan just in case we do not get to physically have a meeting.


Debra Wright, President

Department of Oregon

VFW Auxiliary



October 27, 2020

Change of Name, Number and Location
Special Order VFW Auxiliary No.2990
No.128 Oregon

Information received from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, indicates that permission has been
granted for the consolidation of High Valley Post No. 4060, Union, Oregon and Mt. Emily Post
No. 2990, La Grande, Oregon. The consolidated Post to be known as High Valley Post No. 4060,
Union, Oregon.

In accordance with the National Bylaws:
1. There is no VFW Auxiliary to High Valley Post No. 4060, Union, Oregon; therefore, the
VFW Auxiliary to Mt. Emily Post No. 2990, La Grande, Oregon shall change its Name,
Number and Location to become VFW Auxiliary to High Valley Post No. 4060, Union,
2. It shall be the obligation of the consolidated VFW Auxiliary to purchase a new seal and
make the necessary changes in its financial and tax documents.

A new Charter reciting the facts of the consolidation shall be issued without charge. The date of
institution for VFW Auxiliary to High Valley Post No. 4060, Union, Oregon shall be May 5, 1934.
The obsolete Charter for VFW Auxiliary to VFW Auxiliary to Mt. Emily Post No. 2990, La Grande,
Oregon must be returned to National Headquarters.

By Order Of:
Sandra Onstwedder
National President



December 18, 2020


VFW Auxiliary No.661

Special Order No.175

Upon recommendation of the Department President and the Suspension Committee, the National President ordered that the Charter of Marion Auxiliary to VFW Post No.661, Salem, Oregon be canceled following suspension due to failure to elect and install officers and very little interest and/or participation by the members.

1. The Post Commander and Quartermaster and the District Commander did interfere in Auxiliary business.

2. Members wished to transfer to other Auxiliaries.

The following procedures are to be followed:

1. All business transactions shall cease immediately, and no business may be transacted in the name of the Auxiliary upon receipt of this Special Order.

2. No money shall be spent, nor debt(s) incurred upon receipt of this Special Order.

3. As soon as possible, and not to exceed thirty (30) days, the property of the Auxiliary including books of record, original application cards, papers and all money belonging to the Auxiliary shall be turned over to the Department President or his/her Representative for disposition as directed by the Department Council of Administration. All accounts in any financial institutions shall be closed and a cashier’s check(s) for the balance in said account(s) made payable to the VFW Auxiliary Department of Oregon for disposition by the Department Council of Administration.

4. The Department President shall forward the new VFW Auxiliary Charter to National Headquarters by sending a scan or photo of the cancelled charter to National Headquarters rather than mailing the charter.

5. If the Auxiliary is Incorporated, a dissolution of the corporation must be filed by the Auxiliary with the appropriate state office.
The Department President will see that this order is executed immediately.

By Order Of:
Sandra Onstwedder National President
Ann Panteleakos
National Secretary-Treasurer



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