• Top Row:   Valorie Wrinkle (Chaplain), Debbie Little (Guard), Debby Fawver (Conductress), Jan Halverson (Chief of Staff)  Bottom Row:  Iona Kline (Secretary), Sonya Sallee (Treasurer), Cathy Lindsey (President), Janie Wills (Sr. Vice President), Debbie Wright (Jr. Vice President)

    2018 - 2019 Officers Top Row: Valorie Wrinkle (Chaplain), Debbie Little (Guard), Debby Fawver (Conductress), Jan Halverson (Chief of Staff) Bottom Row: Iona Kline (Secretary), Sonya Sallee (Treasurer), Cathy Lindsey (President), Janie Wills (Sr. Vice President), Debbie Wright (Jr. Vice President)

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Roseburg VA Hospital Update

We may now make Monetary and Material Donations to Roseburg VA Hospital. 


Please send Monetary Donations to Department of Oregon Treasurer. 


Material Donations must be approve before you take them to the Roseburg Hospital.

Please call or email and get approval:


Traci Palmer/ Roseburg VA Health Care System

541-440-1000 Ex: 44350

Email traci.palmer@va.gov



She is asking for only new items do to government regulations.


They are looking for women’s and men’s tennis. 


Tennis Shoes must be Velcro:


Men’s sizes 9 through 12 and the women’s 6 through 10. 


Presidents Message  October 2018

Hello VFW Auxiliary Members,


We have had another busy month running around our state with all those District meetings.  I appreciate everyone who attended those meetings and I got to meet a lot of new members from around the state what a pleasure that was.


Well it is time to buckle down and work our programs.  Working our programs helps our Veterans and their families.  That is one of the major reasons why we are here as an organization.   I know how hard Oregon works for our Veterans and I know we will be 100% in reporting.


Thank you for working so hard on 2019 memberships dues.  Oregon has been 2nd in the Nation and I BELIEVE we can be number 1 in the Nation if we work a little harder getting those 2019 membership dues in before December 31st, because I want VFW National Auxiliary to send Oregon money for our treasuries wouldn’t that be nice for all of us to get a little extra money.


We are still work on our first goal for membership we still need 50 new members by October 31st.


At this time all auxiliaries should have a Program Coordinator for each auxiliary through the state.  Each program coordinator should have contacted our Department Program Coordinator Paula Espeland if not please do so A.S.A.P.   Make sure every auxiliary is sending their monthly reports to her if you want to be recognized at the end of the year at convention.


I have a game I am playing this year with all our VFW Auxiliary members through the state of Oregon each month.  On the website you will find one of my motorcycle membership pins somewhere in the website.  If you are the first VFW Auxiliary member to call me I have little something for you.  So, keep an eye on that website.


Don’t forget to order your Buddy Poppy’s you can get your poppies from Department of Oregon VFW.


Also, at Nationals this year it was past that we are to use Robert’s Rules instead of Demeanors so make sure all auxiliaries have order your Robert’s Rules A.S.A.P.


Remember our mission and why we are here doing what we do, if you can do that we will be very successful in what we do, ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and believe in our mission.


Hope to see everyone at Western Conference in Vancouver Washington November 1-4, 2018 it is so close to home and a lot of fun we will be doing Buddy Poppy’s with Colorado this year.


Don’t forget to set a goal for your auxiliary each month and reach out and grab it.  BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU DO you can make a difference.


My goal for the month: To reach out and say “Thank You for your Service” to as many members as I can.  To build and strengthen the VFW Auxiliary.


Quote “The difference between who you are, and who want to be is what you do”.


Hey, did you know we have VFW Auxiliary articles now in the Department of Oregon VFW newspaper.  If you want to order the newspaper you need to contact Department of Oregon VFW and get your paper today.



Catherine Lindsay

Department President



The Oregon VFW Auxiliary was founded for the soul purpose of serving those who have protected our country and see that they are protected in return. How do we achieve this goal?

      1. By reaching out with help in communities across America.
      2. Offering innovative programs
      3. Standing up for veterans rights in Washington, D.C.

We can’t do this without your generosity. Please consider a tax deductible donation to your Oregon VFW Aux.