• From left to right: SR Vice Cathy Lindsey, Secretary Iona Kline, Chief of Staff Jackie Key, Conductress Valorie Wrinkle, Chaplain Debbie Wright, President Paula Epseland, Guard Debby Fawver, JR Vice Janie Wills, and Treasurer Sonya Sallee

Proposed Schedule for meals during National Presidents Visit under Newsletters  

Please send Donations to Department of Oregon Treasurer, Sonya Sallee.  Make checks out to Department of Oregon.
This way we can keep track of your Donation and you will get credit for Veterans & Family Support.   Our Treasurer (Sonya Sallee) will then send one big Check to National. Thank You!

The VFW Department of Texas has a Foundation to help with VFW and Auxiliary Members that have been effected by Hurricane Harvey. National will match all money donated. Go to texasvfw.org for more info. At this point we feel that monies are needed to help with rebuilding and other needs.  Please forward this to all of your Members that would like to help. Thank you.


Brothers and Sisters,                                                                                                                            
   Well August was a busy month.  I hope you all got to attend a school of instruction.  I want to thank Pendleton, Willamina, and Sutherlin for hosting and all they did to help. I hope you all liked the new format. We got great feedback from you all, and will try to make improvements for next year.  Thanks to all the chairmen for a job well done.                                                                                            
  Thanks to Cathy, Valerie, and Sonya for putting my idea to work and running everything. I could not have done it without all you did.                                                                                                                                              
   September is District meeting time and I am looking forward to meeting with many of you. I hope you are  all busy working on your programs and membership. Don’t forget you have until the end of October to save on your per capita. DON’T forget those members who are in nursing homes or fixed incomes. Become a dues angel for one or more of them.                                                                                                                                                      
   Thank you for all you do every day. Please remember Texas in your thoughts, and think about donating to the VFW relief fund. Your donation will be matched 100% and goes to members who have been effected by this horrible disaster.                                                                                                                                  
Paula A Espeland 
Department President 


Please read at your next meeting under communications.

By Special order of National President Colette Bishop, Santiam Auxiliary# 4065 has been cancelled due to failure to have a quorum for the transaction of Auxiliary business at the meetings and failure to complete the installation of officers in accordance with the By-Laws.

By Order of Paula Espeland
Department President

Attest: Iona Kline
Department Secretary


Please read at your next meeting under communications.

By special order of National President Colette Bishop, District #5 in Oregon is hereby Cancelled, and the District is declared defunct in accordance with Article V, Section 508 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.
VFW Auxiliary No. 4070 shall be unaffiliated with regard to any District in the Department of Oregon until further action by the way of redistricting, etc should occur.

By Order of Paula Espeland
Department President

Iona Kline
Department Secretary


The Oregon VFW Auxiliary was founded for the soul purpose of serving those who have protected our country and see that they are protected in return. How do we achieve this goal?

      1. By reaching out with help in communities across America.
      2. Offering innovative programs
      3. Standing up for veterans rights in Washington, D.C.

We can’t do this without your generosity. Please consider a tax deductible donation to your Oregon VFW Aux.