Brothers and Sisters,


Congratulation on reaching our first quarter goal of 105 New/Rejoin Members. Department will receive their first $100.00 from National and we are still in the running for our Circle of Excellence that will bring in $1000.00.We are working towards our next goal of 70 New/Rejoin members by Jan 31st. So far we have 11! Reaching this goal will bring in another $200.00.


Please think about family members that can join and sign them up right away. Ask families of the scholarship applicants if they qualify and get them signed up. Have a recruiting table at your craft bizarre.  Don’t wait until January! If you need some assistance please let us know!


Department of Oregon is currently at 83.77%! For Auxiliaries to achieve All State Status you will need to have all membership paid by Dec 31st. Some of you are really close and we know you will make the deadline. Consider being a Dues Angel. Remember if you Auxiliary pays for dues they can be a Dues Angel too.


Please contact Annual Members that have not paid their Annual dues and see how we can help them get their membership current. On Dec 31st, if the annual members are not paid current, they will have to fill out new paperwork, be voted back in and will lose out on their continuous membership status as well as have to wait a year to be eligible for the cancer grant. Our members are too important to lose so please make this a priority this month! There are a few Auxiliaries that are at 0 in this area. Reach out to you members!!!!


Thank you to the following Auxiliaries for Making 100% and 100% Plus (as of Nov 7). You should be receiving your $45.00 check from National. WAY TO GO!

Auxiliary Auxiliary #                                       Prior                                                            %

Creswell    4039                                                   44                                                       100.00

Veneta       9448                                                   47                                                       100.00

Rogue River    4116                                           135                                                        100.74

Halfway  7847                                                    104                                                        100.96

Siletz      732                                                        27                                                         103.70

Bay City  2848                                                     61                                                         106.55

Warrenenton    10580                                         47                                                          106.81

Coburg    7384                                                     37                                                          108.10

St Helens       1440                                              28                                                          110.71

Willamina      4211                                               58                                                          139.65

At Large                                                               429                                                         179.02

Dist 2                                                                    207                                                        102.89

Dist 16                                                                  167                                                         104.17


ALL STATE STATUS – Dec 1st deadline is fast approaching. Have you paid department in the following areas? See the areas and schedule below.


Donate to Department to each of the following programs based on Donation Schedule. (DEADLINE Dec 1st)

  1. Voice of Democracy
  2. Patriot Pen
  3. Patriotic Art
  4. The Dalles and Lebanon Nursing Homes (Each)
  5. Hospital Fund  –  Portland, Roseburg and White City (Each)
  6. Service Office – Department of Oregon

Auxiliary Donation Schedule

Category Auxiliary Membership (June 30) At Least

  • Division 1 0 – 49         Membership $25.00
  • Division 2 50 – 99       Membership $50.00
  • Division 3 100 – 149   Membership $100.00
  • Division 4 150 – Over Membership $100.00


Please let us know if you need help.


Thank you

Cathy Lindsay and Tracy Bogard

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