God Bless America! I hope those of you who attended our Training Academies this program year are using the information to help your auxiliaries achieve the goals put forth by the National Office Ambassadors and by the Department of Oregon Chairman.


We must work together this year even harder than before. This program year has given us an interesting challenge—how to involve all of our members in reporting what they have been doing and helping them be creative and come up with ways to inform the members and community members what Americanism means to millions of citizens of this grand United States of America.


If any of you listened to the Republican Convention speaker Mr. Alvarez, your hearts should have picked up a few beats and your eyes should have leaked!! His heartfelt story about his family and their journey to become American citizens should all be told to others. He knows what it is like to live in a repressed life.


Some in American have become lackadaisical probably because of the lack of correct history being taught in our schools and lack of interest in learning about our past in our colleges and universities. We need to know about every aspect of our past so that we don’t repeat that which was wrong.


We in this organization are supposed to “remember the duty we owe one another as members of the Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States to see that our flag is never desecrated, to teach the people of the land what that means and to see that all are instructed in the pledge to the flag.” This means all of us and not just the line officers in our local and state Auxiliaries.


Are you flying your flag? Are you replacing worn-out flags that citizens and businesses are flying? Are you teaching the youth how to properly pledge the flag and respectfully handle the flag?


Hopefully, your Auxiliary members are reporting to the committee chairs what they are doing for Americanism. Please let me know who your contact person is so that if I have questions I will know who I am supposed to talk to.


Consider learning about the upcoming elections and get out the vote! Even though we would like to tell others how we would like to see the election go, we as Auxiliary members should only make sure people are registered and that they vote. Have fun with this.


Historical information: the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States traces its roots back to 1899. That year, Veterans of the Spanish-American War (1898) and the Philippine Insurrection (1899-1902) founded local organizations to secure rights and benefits for their service. In Columbus, Ohio they founded the American Veterans of Foreign Service. In Denver, CO, they organized the Colorado Society, Army of the Philippines.


In 1901, Philippine Veterans in Altoona and Pittsburgh, PA, started the Philippine War Veterans. The following year, Philadelphia, PA, became the home of the American Veterans of the Philippine and China Wars. In 1905, these three groups merged with the American Veterans of Foreign Service.


In 1913, the American Veterans of Foreign Service was amalgamated with the Colorado Society, Army of the Philippines and became the Army of the Philippine-Cuba and Puerto Rico, then changed their name to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.


The above history is so cool to learn. In my opinion, it gives more meaning to this organization.


Do you know what the Cross of Malta stands for? The eight-pointed Maltese Cross has the Great Seal of the United States superimposed on it, encircled by the name, “Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.”


Within the circle is the American eagle, the emblem of a proud nation whose warriors of many generations have fought and sacrificed to preserve the free man’s way of living.


Between the four arms of the Cross, the Veterans of Foreign Wars has added the sun’s rays to emphasize the vigor and warmth with which the present-day brotherhood defends our ideals.


The objects of the VFW are fraternal, patriotic, historical and educational; that its members shall preserve and strengthen comradeship; that they shall maintain allegiance to the government of the United States and fidelity to its laws; that VFW members shall foster true patriotism, extend American Freedom and defend this nation from all enemies.


Heads up: The name of the woman who spearheaded the National Home was Amy Ross as well as Corey Spencer and the Military Order of the Cootie. #4: What are the four rights we have according to the Bill of Rights, Amendment 1?


Keep doing, keep reporting, and remember to answer each question you will get by reading my monthly Americanism reports.


Debby Fawver, 541-270-8260; dfawver@gmail.com

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