I hope those of you who read these messages are reporting back to your Auxiliary so that your members can consolidate their projects pertaining to Americanism and then are sending reports to me, your chairman for this program year.


We have to remember that this organization we belong to is all about Americanism and helping veterans and their families.


Are you flying the flag? Is your Auxiliary presenting flags to the youth in the area, the shut-ins, the nursing homes, and the business who have faded and torn flags?


Are you remembering the Gold, Blue, Silver and White Star families and getting the information into the newspapers, newsletters, or online?


Are you having information on the Missing Man Table and informing the citizens is the town you live in?


Are you taking pictures of what your members are doing to inform others about what honor and pride in themselves, their country, and the members of the Armed Forces are all about?


Auxiliary News Facts:

1930 – Grace Davis became the first of the modern National Secretary-Treasurers, serving until 1948 (from 1927 to 1930 her position had been known as National Secretary).

Past National President Margaret Armstrong placed the cornerstone of the National Home hospital. It was named the Auxiliary Hospital since the lady’s organization raised the $35,000 needed for construction.

1931 – The Auxiliary Wreath used as a marker on the graves of deceased members was designed by Sister Bessie Hanken, who suggested that it be called the “Mother Hutcheson Wreath” in tribute to the passing the National President.


The Legislative committee became one of the Auxiliary’s permanent standing committees and Americanism the third national program adopted by the Auxiliary.


Fun Facts: in 1937 the VFW National Homemade its first attempt at a stamp program fundraiser, the Lucky New year Stamp. It med with some success, and the following year it was called “Easter Seals” and “VFW Kiddie Easter Seals.” The seal’s program provided the ladies with an additional opportunity to make a personal contribution toward the maintenance of the Home. Aren’t facts fun?


HEADS UP. IN 1916 Jeannette Rankin became the first woman elected to Congress. Four days after taking office, she voted against the U.S. entry into World War 1. Breaking protocol by speaking during the roll call, Jeannette voted her conscience. “I want to stand by my country, but I cannot vote for war. I vote no.”  #3: WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THE WOMAN WHO SPEARHEADED THE NATIONAL HOME?


Do whatever you can by way of the telephone, by sending emails to your members, by getting information out to your community and whatever else you can do and report to me. Take care.


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