A new Auxiliary year is upon us.  Hopefully you came away from Convention energized and ready for our 2022-2023 year.  “Buddy”® Poppies and VFW National Home for Children are looking forward to this new year.


Poppies are so very important in helping our veterans. All proceeds from our distribution of poppies are used for veteran’s welfare or for the wellbeing of the veteran’s dependents.


Additionally, the VFW pays the disabled veteran for the work of assembling this small red flower.  This provides extra income for the worker to help make life a little easy for them financially.  More than 2300 children of veterans have been or are being cared for in the VFW National Home in Eaton Rapids, Michigan thanks to a portion of the “Buddy”® Poppy funds. These little red flowers have power in them.  Power to help and change lives for the better.


“Buddy”® Poppies should be included in every Post, District or Department activity or anything your Auxiliary participates in.  Always have a container available for donations and have your “Buddy”® Poppies proudly displayed.  They can be in a beautiful vase or basket, or they can be place on the top of a table around the donation can.  Make it simple and easy.  It will be a reminder to you and to the people who see them that they need to always remember our veterans and the service and sacrifices they have made for all of us.

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