Now that the reporting is done, don’t stop reporting!  Keep writing your reports so you don’t forget anything.  You can drop off Poppies to local Senior Centers or Nursing homes along with a Flanders Field Story, and you can get permission to post the flyer off the web site for the National Home “Helpline”.  Keep thinking of ways to keep doing.  When we get the “All-Clear” we can plan our Poppy drives.


Don’t stop planning your Memorial weekend Poppy Drives!  Get all your volunteers lined up and get it all ready.  If we can’t do it then we will go to plan B and get another date(s) with the stores.  There will be a bigger need as so many are out of work.  We may need to two Poppy Drives or more to get the same revenue for our Relief Funds.


Thank you.  Oregon is 100% reported in both “Buddy” Poppies & National Home.


If you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Do more frequent cleaning at home and follow the advice of local health authorities.  Everyone stay well and I hope to see you at State Convention.


Thank you for all you do for our Veterans & their families.


Dianne Guthrie, Department Chairman

“Buddy” Poppies/ VFW National Home for Children


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