Greetings Brothers and Sisters,


Well, I have already learned a lesson as your Department Chaplain.  Always, always, always, have your ritual book or opening and closing prayer cards with you when you are away from home.  I was out of state when I received the invitation for a virtual meeting for our Counsel of Administration meeting.  Uh, oh, I had not packed any of my VFW Auxiliary items.  Who knew???  Luckily, our Secretary, Janie Wills, came to my rescue and emailed me the prayers.  I will now always take my ritual book with me when I travel.


Remember, if you have a Brother or Sister pass away in your Auxiliary, please forward the information on to me so I can send a card to the family.  Please note, however, notifying me of a deceased member does NOT count as notifying Sonya Sallee, our Department Treasurer.  I would also like to be notified of any hospitalizations or illnesses to send a Get-Well card.


I am hoping to see some of you as your Department Representative at your District meetings in September.  Please stay healthy.





Cookie Little

Department of Oregon Chaplain

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Welcome to Oregon VFW AUX 21 years