Fall is in the air, but summer is holding on.  I hope this finds everyone safe from both the pandemic and the terrible wildfires that have set Oregon on fire.  If someone in your Auxiliary has lost their home or family to the fires, please let me know, I would like to send out a card letting them know the Auxiliary is there for them.


I recently had a Zoom meeting with Department Chaplains from across the country.  It is always enlightening and educational to hear what others are doing in their Auxiliaries. Many of these brothers and sisters will be their Department President when I am the Department President for Oregon.  It is wonderful to forge these friendships now knowing many will go through the chairs with me.


We each share what is happening in our states during these Zoom conferences.  The West is on fire, the South is battling hurricanes and tropical storms, the East is experiencing severe storms and the North is also battling severe storms.  In addition, several states are experiencing a resurgence of COVID.  As an Auxiliary we should do all we can to aid and assist those who need help.


One of the great perks of being a Department of Oregon line officer is you get to travel to other Districts and serve as the Department Representative.  I recently traveled to Bandon for the District 4 meeting.  They had a great meeting with several in attendance.  It is awesome to hear how others are being creative during these trying times to still be able to aid our veterans and their families.  I came home with good ideas.


Please remember to reach out to me if you have an Auxiliary member who needs a Get-Well Card or a family that needs a Sympathy card.




Cookie Little, Chaplain

Department of Oregon


91727 Sunnyside Road, Warrenton, OR  97146


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