Greetings Brothers & Sisters,


I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy.  So, I am going to embarrass myself again with my lack of planning.  When I was Conductress, I knew exactly what I had to pack in my car for each Department meeting, big flags, floor flags, flag stands, etc.  You would think that when I became Chaplain, I would have carried that discipline over to my new office.  Apparently not.  The Department held a Council of Administration meeting at our Creswell Training Academy.  I thought I was prepared, prayer ready if need be during Training Academy and my prayer cards for a meeting, check.  Well, can you guess what important part of my job I left at home?  I am embarrassed to say, the altar cloth and bible.  I had to ask my Department President if there was a bible at the Post I could borrow.  Fortunately, one was available, and I was able to perform my duties.


Why am I telling you all of this?  The point is I should have taken more time to become familiar with all the items I should always have with me in case I am called upon to perform my duties as Department Chaplain.  When we agree to hold an office with the Auxiliary, we should perform the duties of that office to the best of our ability at any given time.  I have learned my responsibilities the hard way for this office, but I am surrounded by other line officers who do not hesitate to help you out.


So, remember, no matter what position or responsibility you take on, learn the requirements, and always be prepared.  You never know when you might be called on.




Cookie Little, Chaplain

Department of Oregon


91727 Sunnyside Road, Warrenton, OR  97146

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