Dear Auxiliary Brothers and Sisters,



It was wonderful to meet more of you at our recent Convention at the Mill Casino.  What an honor it was to have our National President, Jean Hamil, present for the meetings and celebrations! A big congratulations to Madam Department President Debby Fawver and Madam Junior Past Department President Valorie Wrinkle! We are blessed for their service.


A new fiscal year is upon us with essentially a new beginning for our programs.  As the Covid virus has been evolving to be less severe, our society is gradually reopening to be more accessible in person. I pray that more doors will safely open to help heal our society, specifically our Elders and Veterans in isolation.


Please make plans of action to come to one of the Schools of Instruction this coming August.

As Auxiliary Chairmen, it is critical that you get the proper documentation and updates for this coming year.  Regrettably I did not attend last year and if I had, my programs would have been stronger with less time spent (specifically reports). By having the current end-of-year report, you will know what goals to aim and strive for. You can also ask myself and the leadership team any additional questions verses trying to read the program alone and possibly misread the lines.  If you cannot go, ask or find an auxiliary that does and get a copy of the info. You can also reach out to me, and I will send you all the hospital info that I put together in your preferred format.


Some of our key goals for this year’s Hospital Program are: (1) Recruit more Volunteers and get them into action with ease for them and you; (2) Create some new events/forms of service to break the monotony and lift the moods of our Veterans and Patients; (3) Learn and Implement the Programs Existing- not all of us are doing them.


Remember Madam President Debby Fawver’s theme: Let’s do all we can do for Our Veterans and Their Families; Bee all we can Bee.  Bees are not aerodynamically designed to fly, yet they do. Whether a bee is getting to one or two flowery tasks, or hundreds, the effect is productive and sweet.

It is my honor to be appointed as your Department Hospital Chairman. For more info about yours truly, ready my letter to you in the School of Instructions Booklet.



Yours in God and Country,


Megan E Malpass

Hospital Department Chairman

244 Trillium Lane; Tenmile, OR 97481


Phone: 503.360.4559

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