Two months to election day!  Are you informed?  Now is the time to get informed and be ready to vote.  Turn your mail-in ballot in as fast as you can to make sure your vote counts.


Get out the registrations!  If you have moved you should make sure you are registered to get a ballot for the November 3 election.  You can check if your registration is complete Online.  Use your county name with the extension – OR, (example – Clackamas.or).  Did members of your Auxiliary move?  They may need to change their address to get a ballot.  Check on Auxiliary members in care facilities to see if they are receiving their ballots.  Remind all members their vote counts.


Registering to vote in the November 3 election must be completed 21 days before the election.  So to be on the safe side register by October 12.  You will need a valid DMV ID to register.  This includes a Driver License or permit or ID card.  Auxiliary members as young as 16 years can register to vote, but will not be sent ballots until they are 18 years old.


If your Post home has a reader board and/or newsletter why not post VOTE reminders with registration deadline information.


Remember to pass out the 2020 Priority Goals at every Auxiliary meeting and report it on a program report to me.


Sign up sheets for Action Corps Weekly were given out at our Academy’s in August.  You will need more information than what is on the form to sign up your members for the weekly emails.

You need their names, Email, street address with zip code, and a mobile phone number.  I am researching how to get around the mobile phone number.  More information on this later. Gather as much information as you can and report it to me.


REMEMBER TO VOTE!                              EVERY VOTE COUNTS!



Jackie L. Key

Legislative Chair

Department of Oregon


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