I would like to thank our Department President, Debra Wright for giving me this program.  Legislative Program during a Presidential Election year is awesome!  We all need to be informed voters.  Information is all around us.  All we need to do is listen and know how to find the best facts so we can be a responsible voter.  While we gather information, we need to review the needs of our veterans and families.  We need to support legislators that will do right by the promise they made to our veterans and family members.  We will take care of you!  Now more than ever we need to be familiar with the VFW Priority Goals.  Make sure you have copies of the VFW 2020 Priority Goals at each auxiliary meeting this year.  These goals are released in January of each year, so look for the 2021 Priority Goals in the new year.


Have every member in your Auxiliary sign up for the VFW Action Corps Weekly.  It’s free and it’s full of news about what’s happening on Capitol Hill, with veteran and service member issues.  Subscribe at the National website at vfwauxiliary.org by selecting “What We Do” then clicking on “Legislative”.  This weekly Email comes out every Friday and is an easy way to contact your legislators on current veteran’s issues.


The VFW in D.C. actively lobbies Congress and the administration on behalf of veterans.  The office monitors all legislation affecting veterans and alerts VFW and Auxiliary members about key legislation under consideration.  The first week of March is when the VFW and Auxiliary lobby their legislators on Capitol Hill.  Any Auxiliary member interested in attending the Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. should contact Oregon’s Legislative Chair, Rick Higgins at (541) 359-7781.


National Legislative Program Awards for Auxiliaries will focus on outstanding training of members on the legislative process.  It is important to review the Department of Oregon’s Legislative Year-End Report NOW to know what you need to do this year.


I can be contacted by my home phone (503) 668-8418 if you have any questions or concerns.


Jackie L. Key

Legislative Chair

Department of Oregon

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