April reporting month is past, but Membership is still our mission!


Please contact your unpaid annual members one more time.  Its not too late to collect their dues.  Don’t lose members to non-payment of annual dues. Slam that back door closed.  If your Auxiliary is concerned about collecting dues in the last quarter of the year and then sending members’ dues notices out in July for the 2023 year consider this.  Have your auxiliary vote to pick up the per-capita $10.00 for the new year (2023) for any annual member that paid in the last quarter of the current year.


Remember our Dues Angel drawing at our June Department Convention.  Ask again if any of your members would like to pay the per-capita $10.00 to help pickup unpaid annual members dues.  Then be sure to turn the Dues Angels names in to me before Department Convention.  This will give your Auxiliary one more year to reach out and get your members involved and show them they matter to our great organization.


Our department membership is so close to our 90% retention goal let’s not stop now.  Our Auxiliaries have done a fabulous job requirting new members, now let’s work harder on getting them involved.  Invite all new members and members you haven’t seen for awhile to participate in your Buddy Poppy distribution over Memorial Day.


One more thing, do not hold new member applications because it is the end of our current year.  If your Auxiliary is concerned about collecting membership fees in the last quarter of the year and then sending out dues notices in July, why not vote to pick up per-capita dues on these newest members.  Make it a part of your Standing Rules.


Membership is key to the success of your Auxiliary.  Don’t stop now.  Department Membership Paid Percentage at this printing is 98.86%, and our Retention Percentage is 84.29%.  These percentages are alive and change daily.  With our auxiliaries help we can hit our goals.  You matter in the lives of our veterans and their families!



Always Faithful,

Jackie L. Key

Membership Chair

PO Box 291

Sandy, OR 97055


Home Phone – (503) 668-8418

Cell Number – (503) 329-3028



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