Brothers and Sisters,
We are in the final weeks of our first deadline for New or Rejoin and we currently have 78 out of 107. We only need 29 more to make it.
At your OCTOBER meetings please vote your new members in or call those former members on your list and ask if they would like to Rejoin. You can find the list on the Treasure or Secretaries tabs in Malta. You will need to fill out a new form and vote them in at your meeting THIS month and get them entered in Malta by Oct 29th. This gives 2 days in case an error happens in the system.  
Treasures: entering membership is time sensitive so please get it done as soon as your meeting is over. Do Not hold on to these forms waiting to enter in Malta. Make sure that Sonya is getting a copy as soon as they are entered in the system
Our goal is to make sure our Department is 100% Plus with the Circle of Excellence criteria met each quarter. Please help us to reach that goal.
DUES Angels – If an Auxiliary decides to pay for memberships, they can enter each name into the drawings. Let’s make sure we are taking care of our Brothers and Sisters. Cathy and I found some angel beads and we will be making key chains to give out to each member who pays for a member. These will be passed out at our Mid Winter and Year End Conventions. Cathy is putting together the tracking sheet so it is easier for members to inform us of their payments.
Thank you for helping us to reach our Goals.  If you have any questions please let us know right away.
Cathy Lindsay

Tracy Bogard – Co Chair

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