Okay Folks—- This has gotten real– Hope your Combat Boots on.

We all need to work a lot harder to find and KEEP

Members, again many hands make light work.

Dues notices should have been sent out for the second

round by now. Phone committees should be calling

unpaid members to see if they need any help or just a reminder.

Reach out to the members that you do not see all the time, lots

Of time they need to know someone out there cares, and may

Just need someone to talk to, especially now with all the stuff

going on in our State. Please be kind to one another.

Now that we are out of the BOX –Dr. Seuss says: Think Left,

Think Right and I say Think Up and Think Down!!!

Look all around you and ask people to become members.

Speak to them in a way to make them want to be a part of our ranks.

As I write this, we need 673 to bring the Department to 100%.

Remember to send me your adoption names so you may place in

The drawing at mid-winter. You may email or snail mail them to me.

Please everyone just work a little harder this year and we will get there.

Jessie Stober; Membership chairman 503-314-7628


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