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My Name is Deb Duggan and I am from Halfway Auxiliary #7847 in Halfway, OR.

Points of interest:

  • Cross Training – will be encouraging each auxiliary to have at least one person working with a new member or a member who has not attended many functions. Make them feel welcome. Invest in each other.  Encourage every team member to reach out and help one person. Be their go to person.  We all need that person to turn to.
  • Team – Mentoring is a Team effort between membership in local auxiliary, district auxiliaries, department and national. You will have mentors at all levels.
  • Life mentoring – think about its you mentor someone in life in general. Is it a young person looking up to you for help, are you looking to someone to help to teach to understand?  Be that person that they reach out to.
  • Mentoring is as simple as helping a new member understand or pulling a person from the corner and making them feel welcomed.
  • If someone is showing interest in a position or in a program. Embrace that person and work with them to reach the understanding and comprehension of the task.
  • Learn to think outside of the box but meet all the ritual requirements. Each auxiliary has their own issues and problems.  LISTEN to Learn and Learn to Listen.
  • Encourage a New Member packet. This would consist of Acronyms and Common Terminology; Auxiliary Traditions; information relating to your auxiliary; take time to explain the different parts of our Podium books

My question to you:  Do you make new members or older members that don’t attend often feel welcome and part of your auxiliary?

Do you have an inhouse welcoming committee to reach out to help members learn and understand why we do what we do at our meeting?

Mentoring works along the lines of Team Building.  You work together at everything you do.  You may not realize it but you mentor daily.  Examples: helping a person understand how a computer functions and how to use it; helping them solve problems; being open minded and listening to what the needs are and working to help meet those needs.

Be available to answer questions.  Don’t make a person feel like they are putting you out when they ask a question.  Take time to LISTEN and to explain.  Take an interest in one or two of your members.

When you attend a meeting or a gathering.  If you see someone just kind of feeling and looking out of place go up introduce yourself to them.  This will Catch the person and make them feel welcome.  Ask the person to help with a project.  MOST people want or need to be asked to help.  Remember you were all new at one time.  Did anyone approach you and welcome you?  Did you feel as if you didn’t belong there or did someone take a moment to remember to say hi and introduce themselves?  Engage a person to learn and become involved in the organization.  Help each member find their niche in your auxiliary.  If you do these 4 things it shows that your C.A.R.E.

Every auxiliary should have a mentoring program.  They don’t have to be big or extravagant.  They can be informal.  Talk about it learn how to welcome members back or in.  Make them feel that they are important.





Please RSVP to me at dnjduggan@gmail.com and I will email you a packet to bring with you to the Academy that you choose to attend.  Looking forward to meeting new friends and reacquainting with the old friends.  Let this year be the best we can be for Deb Wright, Department President and each and everyone of us.

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Welcome to Oregon VFW AUX 21 years