Good Day All

With all we have had going on the year with COVID seems to be flying by.  All the Academies are finished and were successful.  Thank you to all who stopped by the Mentoring Table and the wonderful questions for this new Program in it’s second year.  Let’s think outside if the BOX and work on Mentoring your Auxiliary.


Now is the time to make sure you have your Chairperson in place and let those Program Reports come on through.  I encourage each auxiliary to send me the name of your Mentoring Chairperson’s Name, Email address and the Auxiliary number so I can reach out to them. Looking forward to seeing the ideas and how you are doing your Program.


Let’s do a short Scavenger Hunt.  Can you answer the following questions?

  1. Where are your Standing Rules?
  2. What do you do when the Chaplain is on the floor?
  3. Where do you find your By-Laws?

Take a moment and send me your answers.  I will post the correct answers in the next article.


Use your Year-End Report (this is also your Monthly Report form) to send me what you are doing to Mentor not just in your auxiliary but in your community.


Be the Reliable Outgoing Consistent Communicator Knowledge R.O.C.K. for your auxiliary or district.


Best regards from your R.O.C.K.

Deb Duggan

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Welcome to Oregon VFW AUX 21 years