Greetings Brothers and Sisters,


I would like to introduce myself to you.  My name is Debbie Little, but I go by the nickname of “Cookie”.  You see, there are three Debbie’s in our line right now, so I was given the nickname of Cookie.


I am so excited to be the Chairperson for a brand-new National Program this year.  The program is Auxiliary Community Outreach.  So many of our members not only volunteer for the VFW and’s its Auxiliaries but volunteer at their church, local animal shelter, Meals on Wheels, the library, and Senior Centers to name a small few.  This new program allows the Auxiliaries to count their community service, and to report it as well.


There are some important details that must happen before you are able to participate in the Community Outreach Program.  They are:


  • In July, (the beginning of the new program year), a motion must be made on the floor that when a member(s) volunteers their time for a civic program, school program, youth program, etc., they are representing their VFW Auxiliary.


  • The member(s) should turn in their hours served to be reported for the Auxiliary Community Outreach Program.


  • Projects may be done by a member who is representing an Auxiliary, by an Auxiliary alone, with the VFW Post or other community groups.


  • Volunteer hours need to be reported and recorded to effectively show the importance of the local VFW and Auxiliary to our communities.


  • For the project to be considered Auxiliary Community Outreach, you MUST have the project approved by the Auxiliary and recorded in the minutes PRIOR TO THE PROJECT. At each Auxiliary meeting, time should be ta8thken for each member to talk about future Community projects they are planning on participating in for the month.  The projects need to be voted on by the members and incorporated into the minutes.


We will be offering three (3) Training Academies in August to go over all our National Programs.  They are:

  • August 8th in Rogue River (Rogue River 4116)
  • August 15th in Oregon City (Three Rivers 1324)
  • August 29th in Richland (Eagle Valley Grange)


I hope to see you at one of the Academies.



You can send your reports to me via e-mail; or by snail mail to:


Cookie Little

91727 Sunnyside Road

Warrenton, OR  97146


I would prefer to receive a monthly report from each Auxiliary.  I am available by email or text 503-739-0661 to answer any questions you may have.  This is a new program so there will be questions.  I would rather you report your activity rather than you not report it because you think it does not qualify.  Let me know all that you are doing.





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Welcome to Oregon VFW AUX 21 years