Greetings Sisters & Brothers,

Welcome to the Oregon VFW Auxiliary 2020 – 2021 year.

We as the Oregon VFW Auxiliary are Pioneers forging a path thru unfamiliar territory in the effort to move our auxiliary forward. Our mission is, to pioneer techniques to meet our goals under the restrictions of the State due to Covid-19. Nevertheless, our duty to support Veterans, Active Duty, their families, and our communities has not changed. With the uncertainty of the future, our auxiliary will move forward working the programs in many unique ways in order to support veterans.

It is particularly important to get all our obligations paid and begin sending out Dues reminders. This year it will be especially important to retain the members we have while working on recruiting to bring in new members.

We do realize, it will not be easy to recruit or work for donations to support our veterans and programs. This is where we as an Auxiliary need to be creative.
Please plan to attend one of the three Department of Oregon, “Leadership, Information and Training Academies” this August (if we are permitted), there will be further information sent out. If we are unable to have our Academies, we are working on supplementary ways to get the information to you.
Please be sure you return your completed ballots for National VFW Auxiliary Guard. You will be voting for one of three auxiliary members running for National VFW Auxiliary Guard. You must vote all four areas on the ballot. You must have your ballots sent to Janie Wills Department Secretary, by July 18th. Remember this is a ballot for a National VFW Auxiliary Office. You have one delegate for every fifty members. If you have trouble understanding the voting process, please call Dept. Secretary Janie Wills or Dept. President Debbie Wright.

Thank you, Oregon VFW Auxiliary members. I am extremely honored to serve as your President.

“Our Hero’s Wore Dog Tags and Combat Boots”

Debbie Wright
Dept. of Oregon

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Welcome to Oregon VFW AUX 21 years