Welcome to the new year for the Department of Oregon.

If you are new or an existing secretary, you should go to Malta and print on the Secretary manual under resources.

Here are some highlights:

Items for Secretary book at each meeting.

  1. Copy of treasurer’s report.
  2. Minutes read and approved. (Do not forget to number them)


Items to keep in your secretary’s book for each year!

  1. Copy of Bond.
  2. Copy of Audits and Bank statement.
  3. Minutes, Official, and other communications.



  1. Go into Malta and make sure you have corrected: Addresses, phone #, and emails for your members.

Looking forward to working with all of you.

Take care, and stay safe.


Janie Wills

Dept. Secretary

360-921-8394 (can receive text)


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Welcome to Oregon VFW AUX 21 years