Hello members. I am reminding all members to learn about your positions so that when your new members ask questions, you will feel confident in your mentoring them. Remember we all need to replace ourselves and be willing to assist wherever and whenever we can. We are here to help Veterans and Their Families which we are also those same people.


It doesn’t make sense in my opinion, to sign on the dotted line and say we will help and then not get involved in that organization. Yes I know as time goes by we are more mature in our mind and body, however think about this: if we still are upright and breathing and our mind is still attached, there should be no reason we can’t DO SOMETHING TO HELP. Get creative and be willing. This combination will help you go far.


It is almost time to attend out Department Convention where our auxiliaries get to be recognized for the work that was done over this year. Even if your auxiliary isn’t recognized as one, two or three, you are still a part of this organization and should be willing to honor those who were picked.


Keep up your help in the communities in which you live, report on what you are doing and be sure to remember we are NOT an auxiliary of ONE.


Thank you for what you are willing to do and thank you also for supporting me as I filled each chair in the State Auxiliary. It doesn’t seem possible that I will be your next State Auxiliary President!! Fun ride!  Come join me.


I am willing to listen to everyone. I will do my best to have the correct answer and will be upright and honest. If I don’t know you have a challenge, I can’t help.


See you at Convention.


Debby Fawver, Senior Vice President, Department of Oregon VFW Auxiliary

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