Well here we are starting another year…..what a way for the last year to end.  Some virtual meetings still happening like the National meeting to vote for National Guard.  How amazing that everyone gets the opportunity to vote for the National line officer.  Please get your votes in to Janie for this.


I hope that the dues renewal letters have gone out already or soon to go out.  If you get those letters in, the earlier that the dues will start coming to our direction.  Remember, you get to keep an extra 50 cents of the money that you get from your members.  So please get your dues reminders out as soon as you can.  Please send all new members to me so that I can process them.  Our new members really dropped off last year but as soon as you can, please start doing some recruiting.


MALTA is back up yeah!!!!!! The first thing that you need to get done is to pay your bond.  The majority of the auxiliaries just need to get the minimum amount of coverage.  There are only a few auxiliaries that have to get more coverage due to doing dinners or bingo.


Please, as soon as you can send in your obligations.  $1.25/member for hospital (membership as of June 30, 2020).  At least 10 cents/member for National Home same membership.  Please pay for the members that passed last year, if not we will be calling to get that extra money.  This should all be in your standing rules for your auxiliary so that these can be paid early.


Also remember that your President, Secretary, and Treasurer need to have the current By-Laws and Rituals from National.  Please order them in September so that you will get them when they are ready and make sure that you ask for the 2021 book.  I realize that we didn’t have a convention but we still need a new book.


Please think about ways to go out and recruit members.  I know times are hard, but we have to work to make this organization great.  Getting new members are the life’s blood of this organization.  We need to learn some ways to get the younger people interested in our organization and we need to listen to their ideas. So include your newer members.


Hope to see you at the Academies when we have them.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email me I am happy to answer any of your questions.  Hope to see you soon.


Sonya Sallee

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Welcome to Oregon VFW AUX 21 years