Well, here we are starting a new year, it just seems like we just started Valorie’s year and we are getting ready to travel to Kansas City to celebrate our year that we had.  Then we come back and start things for Debby’s year. The years keep going faster and faster all the time.


We had a very good convention this year, we made a lot of money for our veterans and their family.  I am getting ready to send a check to National for over $1,200.00 for Veterans and Family Support.  We also made over $1,000 for our Membership fund to help us with paying members dues.  It was a very good convention all around.


We are getting ready to start a new year and we have things that we need to get done at the beginning of the year.  It is important that we get your dues notices out early.  If you get them out the first couple of weeks of July you start getting your dues in sooner.  If you pull the dues letters from MALTA as soon as we are able to get back on the program you can get the letters out to your members in the first few weeks of the month and your dues will start coming in. The dues are very imperative to the department.


We will also be giving money to the first two auxiliaries in each membership group that achieve 100%+.  The first auxiliary will get $50.00 and the second auxiliary will get $25.00.  That is money that all auxiliaries are anxious to receive.


In the months of July and August, when you send your money in for the members dues, you can keep an extra .50 cents from each member that you get the dues from.  We have done this for several years and it is a great incentive to get your dues paid early.  So please remember that when making out your checks and it ends at the end of August.


One other important thing that needs taken care of in July and August is your bond.  It is the President and Treasurer’s protection for the auxiliary.  It is paid though National and it doesn’t specify the name of the President and Treasurer, it takes care of the office so if you change either of your officers you don’t have to get a new bond.  Please make sure that you have them paid for by the end of August, we have to have all the auxiliaries, district and department paid for by then.  I will be keeping an eye on MALTA to make sue that they are paid.  If you are having trouble with MALTA, let me know and I will take care of your bond and then you can pay the department.


Keep safe and just remember another audit will ben due in August again.  Thank you all for your support during the years.  I thoroughly enjoy this job and we continue to do good work for you and the veterans.

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