Well, it’s a very different world that we are living in and things from now on will never be the same, we are learning new ways to communicate and help our veterans and their families.  I didn’t think that when we started this new year things would be this way but we have to make do with what we have to do business.


I have been hearing all sorts of things about the auxiliary audits for the last quarter.  We have good information from National on that and we have let many people know what they are allowing.  I hope that most treasurers read this so they know what is going on because I have heard a lot of different things.


District Treasurers-most districts didn’t have a meeting and that is okay.  No one is turning in an audit until Fall meetings because there was no way to get the members together and to approve the audit.  If you don’t have an audit from either January or April that is okay.  Just have an audit at your next district meeting and send it to me.  You can do just one audit or you can do two if it makes it easier for you.


Auxiliary Treasurers- it would be much easier for everyone if you wait until your audit team can get together to do the audit.  If you try to do it virtually then there is a chance that your bank statements and other financial paperwork go to other people.  You have until June to get your March audit in.  So if you can get your trustees together before your June meeting and do the audit and then take it to the meeting and get it approved that will be okay.  National has given us leeway to get our audits in.  Also remember, don’t send an audit to me until it is approved by the membership.  I don’t want them until they are approved.


If your auxiliary has people that sew, please get them together and make masks for our staff that works in the hospitals.  Please don’t forget your local nursing homes, I am sure there are veterans there and you can get credit for that.  You can make many masks with a yard of material.


Well until we see each other again, please stay healthy and happy.  Don’t go out unless you have to and stay safe.  If you feel lonely call one of your auxiliary brothers or sisters and just talk or even get on-line with each other.  I hope to see you all somewhere when we can get together again.



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