Time is getting closer and closer to another year to be over, I can’t believe how quick this year has gone and here we are getting ready for another convention and a new President to step up to the plate.  I can’t believe another year as Treasurer has come by and thank you all for being so supportive of me at this job.  There is a lot to do but I really enjoy being the Department Treasurer.


I know that I have mentioned this before but I am still getting people sending things to me that they don’t need to.  Please, I don’t need the proof of eligibility for the new members.  Sending me the DD-214’s is something that I don’t need.  When your investigating committee look at the paperwork that the potential member gives them and then they sign the application, that shows me that the paperwork that was shown is appropriate to let them into the auxiliary.  I don’t need a copy of the paperwork sent to me, I just have to turn around and shred them in my poor old shredder.


Also, when you send me checks, they need to be made out to “Dept. of OR VFWA” not Sonya Sallee.  The bank won’t let me put the checks into the department account when they are made out to me.  If I get checks that are made out to me, I have to put them in my account and then make a check out on my account and send it to the department.  It’s so much easier if you put the Dept on the checks.  So please sent them to the Department.


I know I am letting you know early but I don’t want you to forget.  After the first week of July you will need to go into MALTA and buy your bond for the next year.  It HAS to be paid for by the end of August so if you can’t get on and get it taken care of, please contact me and I will get it paid but then you will have to send a check to the Department for the bond cost.  I don’t mind doing it for you but please try first.


If you have any members that still haven’t been paid for, please consider paying their dues. We are getting so close to our goal to make Valorie 100% in membership so please try to get your members paid for if you can.


Hope to see many of you at convention and we will talk about having a Zoom meeting for the treasurers and trustees at the beginning of the year.  We have had Zoom meetings the last couple of years and they really help, I think.  So please think about when you want to have a meeting this next year.

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