Wow, the months are rolling by, it’s almost May and convention will be here soon.  Please get your delegate fees in before the end of the month.  We have only got about 25 of the auxiliaries that have paid their delegate fees.  All auxiliaries even though they aren’t going to convention need to pay their delegate fees.  We use that money to pay for the expenses of the convention so we need all to pay their amount.  Please send your list and your check to me and your list to Jan Halverson.


If you have any applications for new members that you haven’t sent in, please get the information that you need for them and get them in to count in Valorie’s year, we are getting closer and closer to her goal. I submitted quite a few applications this weekend so we are doing better.  Please check the applications over well before you send them in.  I have talked about this many times but I am STILL getting applications without your auxiliary number and name or town name.  I hate guessing by the names in the investigating committee.  Also make sure that you have their birthdates on the application, National won’t let them be processed without a birthdate.


Also I don’t need the DD-214’s or paperwork that the investigating committee needed to bring the member in.  The committee’s signature on the application is all I need to take care of the application.  The other day I got an envelope from one of the treasurers and I had to pay .20 to get the letter and the reason that it was so fat was it had all this information about the applicant’s family member that she joined under, I didn’t need all that.  I could have sent it back but I paid it anyway but I don’t need that stuff.


We still could use some money for the Patriotic Art program, I saw some of the entries and these kids are getting better and better every year.  This is a good program and we need to support it in the local area and in the department level.


I hope to see many of you at convention this year.  We have worked very hard through a very trying year to do good things for the VFWA so please come and help us celebrate it.  I would like to have some Zoom meetings with the treasurers again this year.  Please let me know if you would like to participate with me and I will start working on getting it set up.  I hope that you enjoyed the one that I had last year and I think that we really need to have more of them.  Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.


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