Well, it’s the end of September and starting the beginning of October and we are at around 85% for membership.  We are still behind and there are lots of auxiliaries that need to get some membership in for Deb to get in the Circle of Excellence.  If you haven’t sent out your second dues notice to your members, please do that soon.  That way maybe they will get the dues paid before the holidays.


If you have some members that are older or in nursing homes and you haven’t paid their dues yet, please talk about it at your next meeting.  Many of those members where the ones that were working hard for your auxiliary years ago and need some help paying their dues. Sending them a nice little card telling them that you paid their dues will make them feel like they are still a part of the group.


We have been instructed by National to remind all of our members that there is only one Cancer grant that will be accepted at this time.  If you send in the wrong form it will delay the member’s grant and with a possibility that they won’t get the money at all.  They have only a small window of time from when the member passes and the family can obtain the money.  The only form that is to be used is the one that is in MALTA and you need to print it from there.  If you have no way of getting the form or no one in the auxiliary can obtain it, call me and I will print it and either email it or snail mail it to the member so that they can get it filled out.  This is one of the benefits of being a member and I would hate for anyone to not get it because they were sent the wrong form.


I realize that we have been letting everyone slide with the audits for June, but its almost time for the next audit to be done.  I know that COVID has caused some delays and now the fires and smoke is causing issues but if you don’t have this audit done, please call me, email me or snail mail me and let me know why and when it is going to be done.  I know there are many places that haven’t been able to meet the last month but I need to know what is going on at your auxiliary.


The following auxiliaries haven’t turned in their June Audits, please let me know what is going on.  The auxiliaries that I don’t have audits from are: 180, 1412, 2468, 3048, 3437,4070, 4108,4307,5452, 6057, and 6102.  If you have sent them please let me know, I have checked all my emails and my mail and they aren’t there.


If you have some extra funds, don’t forget our scholarships and hospitals.  We are very short of funds when the hospitals open up to send money to them so please help how you can.  The hospitals hopefully will be opening soon so we need to make sure that they have enough supplies to get started.


Also, remember your obligations for National Home and the Hospital $1.25/member money.  That also has been coming in slowly and we need this to run our programs this year.


I hope all are staying safe through all that we have going through.  The Virus and fires have been hard on many of us and I have been praying for all of us.  Hope we can get together sometime soon and give each other a hug; I know I have missed that.



Sonya Sallee

OR Dept. Treasurer VFWA

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