It is an honor to serve as your Veteran & Family Support chairman for the Dept. It seems like yesterday that we were all dealing with covid and shutdowns.


 My introduction letter to the National Ambassador, the year-end report and article for the program book are completed. I am excited to see everyone at the training academies.


This year the program includes spreading the word about National Veterans Service (NVS), VFW & Military Support programs, assistance to Veterans & Service members and their families and promoting Veteran & Military Suicide Awareness and Mental Health.  Also highlighted will be homeless Veterans, caregiver support and direct aid to our Veterans & Military and their families.


Veteran & Family Support is a 100% reporting program and is our most important. Every Auxiliary must turn in at least one report. Just about all of us send out a card, give a ride to a doctor/shopping or maybe share a meal with someone in need.


Report Report Report



Sherry Prudhon


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