Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Well, here we are knee-deep in ash, thanks to all the wildfires burning in Oregon. Many of our friends and neighbors have been displaced. With all the problems our veterans face daily, this was not what they needed.


We can aid our community and veterans by donating to local relief organizations. The local posts can help with the names of veterans that have been affected by these terrible fires. By knowing the names of the veterans and their families, we can give direct aid that will meet their urgent needs. Also, remember National’s VFW program Unmet Needs. This program can be of some help in these trying times.


Additional pressures come from being homeless even for a short time. What will happen to us? Will things ever be normal? It can be over whelming. If it lasts exceptionally long, deep depression can set in. We need to make sure that all resources are at their fingertips so that depression does not turn to suicide.


All issues large and small can be worked out if we work together and keep a positive attitude. Stay safe and keep helping our veterans.




Odette Force

Veteran & Family Support Chairman



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