I want to get you thinking about ways we can help our veterans without being able to visit them. The pandemic has made this job a little more challenging. Being confined at home for the month has taken its toll on many of us. This can be rough on our veterans that have mental or other health issues.


September is The National Suicide Prevention Month. Show your support by wearing The Blue Tear Drop. The VFW is hosting its Fifth Annual Day to Change Direction on September 19th. Our Auxiliaries should get behind this program and work with the post. Veterans are at risk every day. We can help change the issues surrounding mental health. Here are some links that will be helpful. Changedirection.org Giveanhour.org, patientslikeme.com/join/VFW, onemind.org, healvets.org.


Caregiving and feeding their families are ongoing burdens that many Veterans must face daily. We can help reduce the hunger problem by donating to the VFW Unmet Needs — Hunger. Mail checks to:


VFW National Headquarters

Attn: VFW Foundation 406 W. 34th Street, 9th Floor

Kansas City, MO 64111


Take a minute to brighten the day for all the caregivers that help our veterans and their families. Send a thinking of you card. Call to see how they are doing. Be the Sounding Board they may not otherwise have. Stay safe while we do what we can for our Veterans and their families.


Thank you

Odette Force

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