Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Now that our Report year is over, I want to thank all of you for the support this past year. It has been a real joy being the Youth Activities Chairman. Reading all of the reports revealed how hard all of you work even while we were still under the covid problem.
All the events that were reported showed the wide verity of activities. Some worked with youth groups, others sponsored Christmas parties. School supplies were bought, scholarships for children were furnished for swim lessons. These were just a sample of the varied events that took place. Job well done.
Below are the numbers that was the end result. The year was a real success, these numbers represent all of your hard work. You should be very Proud! I’m very Proud! Thanks for all you do.
Miles-11,013,   Hours- 2,960, Money spent -39,617.09, Youth 4,992
Members -657   Projects 231.
Last year Rose Marie Allyn was the Youth Activities Chairman. She did an outstanding job. I had Big Shoes to fill. Thanks again for the privilege of working   for you. Stay safe.
Odette Force
Youth Activities Chairman
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