Dear Oregon Auxiliary Family,


Heat Wave!  Hope you all are well, safe and staying cool.  August is upon us and the Auxiliary Training Academies are in full swing each Saturday of the month at a region near you.


For the past several weeks our MALTA ‘Program Resources’ have been on standby.  Some of the Programs have forms available via the Auxiliary National Website under ‘What We Do.’  The Hospital Program does not currently.  Not to worry, I’ve had the program downloaded and my printing press is in action.  However, if anyone does have the most recent program information that was available on MALTA, downloaded or printed, I’ll have a little prize for you when you come to the Training Academy.  You will not have the 2022-2023 Department Year-End-Report, compiled by yours truly, which will guide you on this year’s program goals.  This you will receive at the Training Academy, including other up-to-date forms. Any changes that occur during the year will be announced online in the monthly newsletter.


It is critical that you are up to date with our Program Goals which are slightly different this year AND that the activities are reported/submitted monthly.


In my line of work documentation is everything. If it is not written, it didn’t happen.  This truth is similar for our recognition of Veteran Support in Oregon.  Most of us do not care for paperwork/reports, however without it, the work done will not be recognized by National. Veteran’s and their Families are our top priority, therefore the service to them is key. Yet let us not forget to have the credit to Oregon’s VFW Auxiliary showing how much we care and work for our Veterans.


Challenge and put me to work with recording and submitting your monthly reports to me and I will reward you with positive recognition and maybe a do-dad or two. Keep your eyes monthly on the Online Oregon Newsletter and National Blog under the Hospital Program for ideas and updates.  Print it for your Auxiliary and read it at your monthly meetings during the review of communications. We don’t know what we don’t know. Stay informed.


I look forward to seeing y’all soon at the Department Training Academies, travel safe.


Yours in God and Country,


Megan E Malpass

Hospital Department Chairman


Phone: 503.360.4559





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