Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I hope you are all doing well and staying cool in this heat. Check on you neighbors and make sure they are doing ok. If you are staying in the house, contact your president and treasurer to see if you can make some membership calls for them and check in on our brothers and sisters while sipping on some ice tea..


Retention is critical in keeping our Auxiliary alive and continuing the work for our Veterans and Programs. By now you should have your 1st round of Dues Reminders sent out to all your Annual members. Malta makes it easy to get letters out. Hopefully everyone is sending in their dues. Now is a great time to make phone calls and check on your members. Maybe some of them need help with their dues but don’t feel comfortable calling in to ask.

New Membership

We currently have 12 new members added to our auxiliaries. Remember the welcome doesn’t stop at the recruitment. Keep these new members engaged and share with them what a wonderful organization of volunteers can do for veterans and their families.

If you are running a recruiting booth, and you would like some assistance , let us know and we can come help. We do have 6 recruiting kits put together for recruiting purposes. We are currently updating them with new information.

Forms and Resources

Please make sure you are using the correct recruiting form. When you come to the training academy you will receive the most current one available. Along with how to fill it out properly. National is still working on the website so hopefully we will have access to our stuff soon.

Zoom Meetings

Starting Aug 28th at 3pm I will be holding a zoom training meeting. This will be a reoccurring meeting every month  with a different membership program topic. If you would like to join, please send me an email so that I know you plan on attending and I will send out a reminder a few days before the event.

See you at the Training Academies!


Tracy Bogard Membership Chairman 2022-2023

PO Box 453 Lake Oswego OR 97034

(971) 678 2595


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