Hello again Brother’s and Sisters.   Debby has asked me to be her historian.  They say sometimes you have to stay in the same position until you have it down pat.  Well, I definitely don’t have the Historian/Media Relations Program down pat, but I am learning more about it all the time.


I appreciate all the help I got at Convention with people taking pictures of Valorie’s convention and instillation and party for Debby.  Please if you would like to share them with me, put them on a flash drive and either mail it to me or give it to me.  The reason I say a flash drive as my new computer doesn’t have as CD driver and I can’t figure out how to use the external one.  Also, one of the CD’s that was mailed to me in the past, in a bubble mailer, was cracked beyond use.  The flash drive is much sturdier.


I hope that we have more Auxiliaries that start a Facebook page that is not with their Post.  You can really get your activities out to the community with it.  How about setting up one for your District?  There are a few that have one.  Get the information from your Auxiliaries and post what is going on and send pictures of your activities.  There will be a certificate again from National that is on the Resources page that you can send me 6 snapshots of what your Auxiliary has been doing (no reposting of what National sends), with all the who, what, when, where and why.  You send it to me unsigned as it says on the form and then I send that information onto National.  They will send the Aux a certificate directly to you.  I only had 4 do it this year and am hoping that the new year we will have twice that many.



Have a wonderful year in promoting your Auxiliary and Districts.  If you have a newsletter, please send me a copy as an email.  I love reading what you are doing.


Don’t forget to REPORT…..REPOFT…..REPORT.

Kathy McCauley        541-580-1283

PO Box 672     Roseburg, OR  97470




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