Happy New Program Year! Program year 2022-2023 has come upon me so fast! It seems as if my guard position was only yesterday. It has been an enjoyable trip, however way to short. It is my hope to do the best I can for you and for the Department of Oregon Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary. I look forward to representing you when I travel throughout Oregon and when I attend meetings, trainings and Conventions wherever.


In the beginning when we signed our names on the membership application we solemnly promised that we would never wrong or defraud this organization nor member thereof nor permit either to be wronged if in our power to present it. We would never propose for membership any person not eligible, according to our By-Laws. We further stated we believed in God, we would be faithful to the United States of America, obedient to the laws and loyal to the Flag. Should our membership with this organization cease in any way, we would consider this obligation as binding outside of the organization as though we had remained a member. We so promised.


We attested we were not eligible for membership in the VFW. We further attested that the above was true and correct to the best of our knowledge, including our stated relationship to the Veteran. And we did this in the presence of Almighty God and the members of this organization.


We are losing our members due to death, boredom and lack of interest and for other reasons. It is my plan to increase communication to all member in all corners of our fine state so that we can build our membership this year. I expect all to do what they can.


I feel that it is our responsibility to listen, enjoy and learn how to help with programs and projects to assist our auxiliaries and our veterans.


If we look back to the initial reason we signed our name on the dotted line, we should ask ourselves, “did we sign to help or sit back and let others do all the work?” “Are we using covid, age, work, etc as excuses as to why we aren’t doing all we can for veterans and their families?”


Training is important in any job whether or not we get paid for it or whether we volunteered to do it. We have so many avenues of resources created for us. We have our Ritual and By-Laws book; Building on the VFW Auxiliary Foundation training book; the book outlining Oregon’s officer positions and what is expected; the Oregon website where the Department of Oregon Chairmen post monthly information which, if read, will help with programs; MALTA on the computer; National Ambassadors for every program post information on the computer monthly; and handouts during the yearly Training Academies put on by our Department Chairmen. We offer so much help to all the members so please take advantage of this help. Resources are available for all so get familiar with the wonderful help that is there to make each program be successful.


If you are reading this and you know someone in your auxiliary does not have a computer, copy any information that would be helpful to that person and make them more knowledgeable to do their job easier.


If you have any questions, please ask. We are here to help but if you keep it to yourself or complain about whatever, you will only harm yourself, your members, and others who might be listening.


We need to remember to do unto others as we want them to do unto us. The saying doesn’t say: DO TO OTHERS BEFORE THEY DO TO US. Treat them with kindness, understanding and love.


We will have a fantastic year if we work hard and well with others and for others.

Remember to Bee All You Can Be For Our Veterans And Their Families.


I beelieve that with the line officers, committee chairmen , and complete staff of the Department, we will do better with our communication, attitudes and overall demeanor this year. We will build on the progress that the newest Junior Past Department President and her ‘staff’ started which she built upon on from the previous sisters and brothers, and so on and so on!


We had a great Convention and a number of members received recognition for what they accomplished with their respective auxiliary members. Please remember we are NOT an Auxiliary or Department of ONE! It will take all of us to accomplish what we said we would do.




Lets go forth and bee buzzzzy for others. Make Oregon SHINE!


Debby Fawver, Department of Oregon VFW Auxiliary President





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